INTRODUCTION: PASASHIK PARSAD is a non-profit, non-political voluntary development organization founded on 24th November 1988 with a view to facilitate socio-economic improvement of poor and disadvantaged people. PASASHIK PARSAD stands for Palli Somannya O Shikkha Kallyan Parishad which means Rural Coordination Council for Education and Welfare, In the year 1991 PASASHIK PARSAD directly started its intervention on education, water & sanitation and agriculture, after having the legal status from the Govt. of Bangladesh, by providing various support and services to the destitute people of Tangail district of Bangladesh. Overtime, new programming dimension were initiated such as good governance, promotion and protection of human rights, health and nutrition, agriculture intensification & diversification, infrastructure development and disaster management in different adjacent districts. Majority of the targeted population who live at of below subsistence level where food shortage, poor health, malnutrition and short life expectancy are quite common. The working area of PASASHIK PARSAD is not determined focusing the aforesaid area. In order to address these issues PASASHIK PARSAD has taken initiative of integrated participatory development endeavor.


PASASHIK PARSAD works for establishment of social justice, eradicate poverty & illiteracy and to foster human dignity. It is known as an active developmen partner specially for the people live under poverty lin women and children to facilitate sustainable change by challenging the forces in the society that produce and reinforce poverty and discrimination.


PASASHIK PARSAD hope for a society free from injustice and discrimination, where disadvantages and vulnerable people socio-economic condition will be improved, live with dignity & equity


Poor and vulnerable community has an enabling environment for sustainable improvement of their status. They are demonstrated their own capacity to influence proactices for the appropriate development of children, to eradicate poverty, reduce vulnerability, discrimination against poor, children, women & ethnic in north-west region of Bangladesh.

pasashik parshad has an amazing team of hard working professionals. It has been a pleasure to meet them.”